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at a time quality of the food? nicholas calling from san francisco with a comment. hi, nicholas. >> hey h bill and congressman, i have to disagree with you. i think the catholic church in california and the mormon church here in california, for lack of a better word, had been enemies of gay freedom. i am stopped from getting married here in san francisco because these bigots these closeted gays and people who have protected pedophiles tell me i am the worst thing that's happened to marriage or civilization. so i think these people need to be called on the mat. and they need to be outted as bigots bigots, anti-gay and whatever they do in their synagogues and mosques and churches, fine, but stay out of my bedroom. >> bill: i think the point the congressman made is that there are some catholics and mormons who don't disagree with the leadership of the church. we made the point, you can't deny the leadership of the church put their money in support of this intissuetive regret fully? >> many leaders of the church did do that. i work with many people in the fa
senator feinstein. if you remember, she became mayor of san francisco in a very, very tragic way. she became mayor of san francisco when she is sitting in here? and she hears gunfire and she walks down the hall, and i by the way, i work would right in that veryo office where she was sitting as an administrative assistant to a san francisco supervisor. she is the supervisor chairman of the board of supervisors at the time. and she hear gunfire. she walks down the hall and finds harvey milk in his office on the ground, on the floor, dan white who had shot and killed him had fled. and she literally puts her hand on harvey's pulse, you know. blood-soak would hand puts it there, on his wrist trying to find a pulse and on his temple trying to find a pulse, harvey milke shot and there is george mascone, the mayor shot and killed by dan white. and she is trying to see if she can find any sign of life in george masconi. >> that's how she becomes mayor of san francisco. this will woman doesn't need any preaching, any texan preaching to her about guns. she has bee
is 100% renewable energy it will be by next year. there is a program in san francisco that will take san francisco to 100% renewable energy too. same thing in chicago you are seeing incredible efforts to prepare and invest. >> bill: great work. saturday night tomorrow night, 8:30. it's not complicated just turn off the lights for an hour. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: we'll keep in touch with you about it. >> thanks. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an excl
talk radio station and on current tv and cindy a weather man out in san francisco -- i'm sorry in la, henry decarlo, concerned the hard way you got to be careful, you want to be like willard and give shoutouts to everybody on their birthday -- >> oh no. >> what could possibly go wrong. >> bill: so here he is unknowingly just falling right into the trap. >> oh, dear. >> any way, christy and jill 9th anniversary, and hugh genius. >> i'm sorry. >> i totally fell for it, didn't i? [ laughter ] >> hugh jaynus. and he was unsuspecting. fortunately [ inaudible ] picked it right up. >> yeah. >> we'll have to see what our new man, pat mccrotch has to say about this. >> bill: yes indeed. we're joined by kate colaruli from the see area club talk about keystone pipeline, but first -- >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> overhead lines making news conan o'brien is stepping in to help with al franken's reelection. al is having a lunch on with conan at his house for raffle tickets. the new pope delivered off the cuff remarks, and spoke entirely in italian, offering s
california or the san francisco chronicle. they are not the papers they once were. >> there is a dangerous line of blurring between news as a public service and us in as a business. and they found a way in the business world to turn it into a very profitable business which means less jobs -- >> bill: yeah and they are not delivering the news. all right. dan thank you. yes, indeed you thought he was going to go away? oh, no, no no no. michael bloomberg had a great big loss about ten days ago remember when a judge in new york the day before his big gulp ban that you couldn't buy a soft drink, sugared soft drink over -- bigger than 16 ounces in new york at least not in restaurants, but you could in convenience stores but you couldn't at the shopping cart -- not shopping carts but the truck -- food trucks on the street. at any rate the ban the day it was supposed to go into effect a judge in new york shot it down said it was arbitrary and capricious and unenforceable. so you would think that mayor bloomberg might go focus on pop holes or something. no, no, no. he was ba
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5